The Praiseworthy Law and Order Situation Handling Policies in Dubai

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Dubai is a city of mind-blowing architecture and valuable infrastructure beyond imaginations. Living in a city like Dubai is a dream of many people. However, there are some people who still feel the city is unsafe and not a right place to visit. They must know that law and order in Dubai is based on very strict rules. No one is supposed to go against any regulation in the city. The police force play vital role to provide great protection to the residents and citizens. This is the reason that make Dubai a safer place to live. Here are some strict laws that must be followed if you’re there. 

No Consumption of Alcohol by Muslims

Alcohol is strictly prohibited to consume by Muslims majority in the city. The people of other beliefs have the freedom to have it. Strict actions are taken against those Muslims who seem to have consumed alcoholic beverages. The saying of Islam is followed and there’s no compromise on this illegal act. If any Muslim is caught in such an activity, they will face unexpected consequences and can’t be able to get any relaxation. The law is the same for all and so are the penalties. It’s not difficult for the higher authorities to find out any Muslim consuming alcohol. So, don’t try to be over smart and never take law in your hands. 

Insulting Islam and Taking Others’ Photos are prohibited 

You can’t think of using any inappropriate language about the religion of the majority in the city. It is not tolerated and results in serious consequences for offenders. Dubai, like any other country, never encourages the insult of any religion. And the belief of masses definitely takes an edge in this regard. Secondly, if you try to take anyone’s photos without their consent, you would be charged for it. This isn’t allowed by the government and no one has the right to get engaged in such an unlawful act. After all, you would also never like to get clicked by someone else. Then what’s the point of doing this with others? 

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